The principle of impartiality is one of the core value of Swiss Certification Services SA, therefore the top management is fully committed to provide impartial assessment of each client in order to establish, maintain and enhance public confidence and trust to the following parties: 

  • Clients 
  • Customers of the organizations whose management systems are certified 
  • Governmental authorities 
  • Non-governmental organizations 
  • Consumers and other members of the public 

In order to ensure impartiality of certification activities, Swiss Certification Services SA ensures that any member of the company are free of:

  • Self-interest (e.g. Financial, Reputation, … ) 
  • Self-review (e.g. Own work, Former client as a consultant, …) 
  • Familiarity (e.g. Relationship, Trust not based on objective evidence, …) 
  • Intimidation (e.g. Pressure from clients or other parties, …)

Full impartiality Policy: